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Ilona Lakatos

I am Ilona Lakatos, I live in Hungary. I write and paint. I started painting self-taught in 2013. My themes are determined by a moment, a thought that inspires me. I often write poems for the pictures. I like the cavalcade of colors when they are harmoniously related to each other in a painting. I usually create a series within a theme: Autumn, Birds, Oil pastel adventures, Portraits... I illustrated the covers of my published books and storybooks not only for children with my pictures. Thirteen of my books have been published - poems, two books of stories, and my novel LUSION in 2022. The volumes are available in e-book format on domestic - Libri, Líra, Bookline... - and foreign - Amazon, Google Play, Rakuten Kobo, Odilo, Apple Books... - book distribution portals. My writings were published in anthologies - magazines in Hungary, Slovakia, Mexico, USA, Trinidad and Tobago... I participated in several competitions where I received various awards. With love and close attention to the activities of my fellow creators, I also interviewed on the subject of fine arts. I created the "Creating People's Side Virtual International Exhibition" page on Facebook. This is an International Artists Gallery, where you can view the International Virtual Exhibitions organized by me. Collective exhibitions were also held. Many excellent artists from all over the world have already presented themselves. Recently, I have been invited to many international virtual exhibitions: Venezuela, Peru, Mexico, Italy, Ukraine, Turkey, India, Mexico, Norway, Egypt...etc. It is important for me to convey value in my writings and paintings. Showing love, spiritual strengthening, trust and hope.

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