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Katheryna Repa

Kateryna Repa (1979, Odesa, Ukraine) graduated from Odesa Hydro meteorological University. Based in Italy. Works with painting, graphics, media art, sculpture, and photography. She also participates in personal and collective exhibitions in London, Berlin, Italy, the USA, South Korea, Ukraine, etc. Her works are in private collections and a museum in South Korea, Italy, and the Philippines. Works presented in online galleries in South Korea, Italy, and France. She took part in the 58th Venice, Columbia, and Lithuanian Biennials, as well as the Every Woman Biennale in New York, in numerous art fairs in South Korea and Paris, and was a member of the jury of international art competitions in Israel. Received the third International Leonardo da Vinci Prize as a Universal Artist in Florence and the International Award in Paris as a Value Artist. She published the print, The Adventures of Lucinda. Participated in the open Eurasian creative festival. Nominated for the National Literary Award "Writer of the Year 2015». She was awarded the Alexander Pushkin medal and founded the eponymous women’s clothing and accessories brand.

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