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Mena Saad

Education / Information Systems Graduate Higher Institute of Computer and Information Systems 2014, The talent for drawing appeared since childhood, and she stuck to her hobby and developed her level in drawing by self-education. The beginning of her participation in exhibitions was in the International Book Fair, then she participated in the International with Safeya Al-Sarah. She participated in color experiments at the Egyptian Opera House, then the Jihani Exhibition for the Distinguished, which is one of her most important exhibitions, and also in the Harmony Exhibition. She took part in the “Awdah and Al-Hayat” exhibition, participated in the World Exhibition, the second and the third, participated in the World Exhibition “The Dream of the Earth”, which performed the knitting, and won second place for the Interfaith Dialogue Center competition in Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, participated in the Picasso International Exhibition in Spain and the Positive Energy Exhibition. India participated in the exhibition Lotus Libya in Libya and participated in the exhibition of local and international exhibitions.

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