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Mongkol Srisombat

Creative art It comes from our own aesthetics. From the experience of perception of what is seen and the influence of the environment. Under perfect physical and mental health, various skills or methods can be applied. convey to create feelings for those who see. My name is Mongkol Srisombat. In the past, I studied at the Art Institute and was an undergraduate teacher. I share my teaching experience with people who love art and many community activities. It was the last position until his retirement three years ago. From then I spent my life as a freelance artist. I was born in the upper north. Quiet and beautiful area of Thailand Most of the natural scenery is surrounded by mountains. Lots of nature and culture. Familiarity cultivated many artists there, including me who loved art. Now, in my senior years, I spend my time as a freelance artist. Able to create loving and happy jobs as well as more meetings with society in the same organization including social media and can publicize the work via online media My artwork has a wide variety of colored objects. but mostly watercolor because of the present Age and body must avoid chemicals. I spent time with watercolors and enjoyed them. I like the different techniques, methods and feelings. Able to create good emotional works, there is a charm that must be followed. My way of writing pictures is to imitate nature and culture. Visitors can see the beauty and feel the content that is clear and uncomplicated. hopes and wishes for the addict to be happy as the intended destination.

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