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Nilgun Sener

Short Biography (1972, Eskisehir, TURKEY): Anadolu University Faculty of Education, Art and Crafts Education, she graduated from the "Painting" in the arts (1994). Anadolu University Institute of Social Sciences, Master of Art and Crafts Education (1998). Anadolu University Institute of Social Sciences, PhD. in Art (2004). Nilgün Şener worked as art teaching primary and secondary education in the years 1993-2003 (MEB.). Nilgün Şener started working in Kocaeli University Degirmendere Ali Ozbay Vocational School (a lecturer in 2004), (Asst. Prof. in 2005-....). The artist, who received the title of Associate Professor in 2018, opened thirhteen personal exhibitions and participated in many national / international groups and group exhibitions. The artist has works in official and private collections. It also organizes national and international competitions, exhibitions, and fairs.

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