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NoNo Zilahi

Nono Zilahi was born in 1992, in Transylvania (RO). Has graduated in 2016 at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Graphic Art Department of the University of Fine Arts and Design, from Cluj-Napoca. Achievements: 2022 -2023 - “100 Eminent Artists from Around the World” Exhibition - Certificate of Appreciation from Bindaas Artist Group. 2022 - First Classified and Winner of Ventipertrenta 2022 International Digital Art Festival by Terra dell'Arte and MIDAC Museum. 2022 - (two) Awards from the Union of Romanian Artists. 2022 - (two) Certifcates of Excellence by the Union of Romanian Artists. 2022 - Certifcate of Appreciation from Spiritual Life Design Institute, South-Korea. 2022 - Certifcate of Appreciation from Peru. 2021 - Certifcate of Appreciation from Chang Kil-Hwan Art Museum, South Korea. 2021 - Certifcate of Appreciation from Art for Cause, India. 2019 - Diploma of Excellence from the Drawing Academy, United Kingdom. Memberships: International Art Caravan Brand Ambassador, Pakistan (2022), The Voice of International Professional Art Association, New York (2022), Fantapia International Art Group, South Korea (2022),“Sun Boats” International Art Exhibition Ambassador, Egypt (2022), Barabás Miklós Guild, Romania (2021), International Association of Hungarian Artists, Hungary (2021), Association of Hungarian Art Teachers of Transylvania, Romania (2021), Genuine Art Projects international, The Netherlands (2021), Drawing Academy, United Kingdom. Nono has artworks exhibited/published in many countries: Europe, Asia, Africa and the American continent. Nono’s artworks can be found in public and private collections in Romania and abroad.

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