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Patricia Picallo

Patricia Picallo. Argentine artist from Buenos Aires since 2000 My works are Abstract, Cubist, Hyperrealism, Texture and Collage, Mosaicism, Pouring, Epoxy Resin. Exhibitions: in Buenos Aires, Galleries, Museums, National Avellaneda and National University of La Matanza (UNLAM), Argentine Theater of La Plata, Borges Cultural Center in Pacific Gallery (CABA), Boca Calle Caminito. Abroad: Spain Llobregat Hospitals, Argentine Consulate in Barcelona, Argentine Consulate in Palma de Mallorca (individual exhibition), Ibiza, Madrid. Germany, Holland, France Art Contemporain Lourde Museum in Paris- Sala de Souffat (2018) and Salon Inter (2020/21) Latin America virtual exhibition 2020/21 Brazil, Dominican Republic, Chile, Colombia. I am currently working accompanied by PURO ARTE POR EL MUNDO, with Eva Felice. AWARD: 1st Prize for Painting in the 2014 Biennial with the work "PROTECTIVE FLAG" at the National University of La Matanza (UNLAM).

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