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Silla Campanini

Brief Biography of Silla Campanini ***** Silla Campanini was born in '54 in the province of Bologna. Since childhood she has shown a particular attraction for the earth and color. Artistically, her experiences extend from technical consultancy (CTU) to teaching. As an image educator she has collaborated in carrying out pictorial / educational projects at public and private institutes- She is the Permanent Artistic-Cultural Consultant of the International Humanitarian Organization ICDJ / free international and diplomatic organization with humanitarian, cultural and social purposes. In 2016 she was listed as a member artist of the art and culture department of the Belgrade Academy of Sciences and Arts -She was an active member, as Vice President and after as counselor and global coordinator, of the "WRITERS CAPITAL FOUNDATION". "Eclectic and multifaceted artist, established in various artistic disciplines, for painting she presents herself with works of absolute originality. Silla loves poetry very much and without any pretense, she begins to write short poems with an existential theme, which she generally accompanies to her own visual works. She uses fantasy and dreamlike / metaphysical in astract stucture , out of time and space and of real time to investigate the meanders of the dramatization of thought forms assembled in the surrounding collective unconscious. The Artist holds numerous international relationships and collaborations, recognizing the value of Peace and Brotherhood among peoples in art. linconia

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