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Andi Taslim Saputra

Andi Taslim Saputra was born on Selayar Island, South Sulawesi, October 31, 1991. Taslim is well known as an actor, director, installation drafter as well as a drafter in art events. On when S1 majored in Drama Arts Education, Dance and Music State University Macassar. At the Masters level, he majored in Art Creation and Studies. When he was in his undergraduate degree, Taslim received encouragement from FSD Unm campus seniors to be active in the world of theatre, dance and music, so that he deepens his role as FSD Unm students who are active in various art events (theater, dance and music) and festivals Film. Including Mr. Ram Prapanca gave a lot of influence in his work. While continuing his Masters studies, Taslim collaborated with cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary artists and senior artists namely Tony Broer, Mas Besur, Sardono W Kusuma and etc. Then he was involved as an actor in Garin Nugroho's work. at this very moment, taslim also collaborating with talented young filmmakers such as Yudi Leo (Padang), Muhajir (Makassar), Sitto Fossy Biosa (Surabaya), Rachmat Hidayat (Makassar) and Haekal (Surabaya). From the many influences, finally Taslim involved himself in art activities shows, visuals and films. Interest in art makes him explore other things. For example something that has an interdisciplinary character. Another interesting thing is intelligence in exploring forms that depart from local narratives as well experience working in various styles and arts (tradition, modern and postmodern). Base knowledge is what makes innovative things such as creating guiding block performance for blind people, making animated videos, reading nature for art, making souvenirs departs from local concepts and there are many other things that will be explored including issues architecture and ecology become the material being explored.

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