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Elsa Victorios

ELSA VICTORIOS COLOMBIA-USAElsa Victorios is a natural born artist. From an early age, she felt a deep instinctive attraction for the arts, which led her to win children’s painting contests in Pereira, Colombia, where she was born. Her parents put her in art classes with differ- ent art teachers thought her childhood and later, as a young adult, she enrolled in Pereira’s Fine Arts School. Years later, she went to live with her family in Bogotá where she would take classes at the National University of Colombia and at the National Art Restoration and Conservation Center.Elsa Victorios has been an artist of discipline and persever- ance. Her works of art began to be accepted and recognized since 1979, when she received several awards in Colombia’s Viejo Caldas region. In 1984, Elsa Victorios represented Co- lombia at the UNESCO Tokyo Biennial.In 1989, Elsa Victorios moved to the United States, where the experience of immigration changed her art vision. Her style began to have different layers as she interacted with people of different cultures and traditions, especially during her stay in New York, when she had the opportunity to get to know the cultural universe of Soho and Chelsea.Elsa Victorios is now based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, whereshe has her studio and gallery. She is a versatile and visionaryartist whose intriguing allegorical art works employ symbolsthat invite us to move forward as we reflect on our universe.Elsa Victorios is a master colorist painter in her own expres-sive and painterly idiom and is a proponent of the power of the gestural stroke.The award-winning artist Elsa Victorios is acclaimed throughout Latin America, Europe , Asia and the United States.Boasting multiple global exhibitions of international importance.Her artwork is treasured in both public and private collections.Victorios also performs various roles as an international artist, receiving honorary titles as President of the Jury at different art festivals in Korea and America.She is Director and Art Curator at her own Gallery in Florida USA.She is currently the Chancellor of America and Director of International Relations for the Student Chancellery Organization, Colombia Emprende!

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