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Samell Fuentes

Samell Fuentes


Panamanian born in the city of David, on October 31, 1983 in Chiriqui, from a very young age he lives his first experiences surrounded by art thanks to his Master Yun Fuentes his father, where he acquires skills and knowledge in different techniques and modalities in the arts such as the petrification of minerals, processed marble, fiberglass, oil, acrylic, drawing, mandatory and illustration and others. He currently resides in David Chiriqui Pictorial and Sculptural Tour

He has to his credit more than 90 national and international collective exhibitions,

His journey in cultural work at such an early age, he has been a jury in various painting, sculpture, and national symbol contests, etc. He has participated in national and international auctions and national and international competitions.

He exhibits his work in Galleries such as: Houston Texas, Galveston, Honduras, Berlin, Germany, Bosnia, Syria, Dubai, Costa Rica, etc.

Young artist who represents Panama in the book Telefónica: New Flags, a young expression of identity. Where he achieves a great window to become known as a young Central American artist. On an international level

Chosen by interior and exterior decorators of David for the delivery of the sculpture LA GARZA MARMOL as an Artistic Tribute to the Artist Actor Sean Connery in Panama

Samell was selected by the JUNIER CAMERA in David for his great artistic career at such a young age.

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