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Michael Kazemi

My name is Michael Kazemi, Originally from Iran and Living in South Korea, Busan city. My main career is in movie industry and also take photo as a freelance photographer too. I do not like to shift my career to photography even though I love it because I want to enjoy photography as my passion than my main job, I think, I won't enjoy it if I do it as my main career.

I have statrted photography about 7 years ago with try and error, it means that I have never attended any photography course and I was my own teacher (self-educated).

I have photographed many genre during my photography life to try to find out what type of genre I realy want and like.

  • I have photograph for local media as a freelancer photo journalist.

  • Landscape

  • City scape

  • weddings

  • events

  • Fine Art

I have joined couple of photo clubs here in Korea and also international online photo clubes to find friends and also extend my photography experience, I am always a student in photography and I believe that there is no graduaion in art.

I had couple of solo exhibitions in my cirty Busan, many group exhibitions ( local & international) during my photography life.

I also started to work as a curator from couple of years ago but in a very limited scale because I did not have much time and also I did not want to spend my time on it.

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