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Valentina Ilijevska

Born in Skopje on July 25, 1987 She lives in Kumanovo Address: st. "Cyril and Methodius" No. 1A 1300 Kumanovo, R. Macedonia. Mob. ++ 38970923092 Email: 2002-2006 Completed secondary education at DSUPU "Lazar Lichenoski" -Skopje. 2006-2010 Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts (FLU) - Skopje. Department of graphics and graphic techniques in the class of Prof.Msc Mirko Vujisic in the field of Conservation and restoration with prof. Nevenka Velichkovska and Momcilo Trajkovski. 2012-2014 Master in Conservation and Restoration of Mural Painting in the class of Prof.Msc. Blagoja Kuzmanovski. With the defense of labor "Restoration of the damaged paint layer in the church of St. Nicholas and St. Trinity in Kumanovo." 2021 She is currently on the third cycle of studies-PHD Doctoral studies at the Institute of Macedonian Literature-Skopje at the Department of Cultural Studies with Prof. Dr. Ilija Velev. 2012 Member of DLUM. 2015 Member of DLUB. 2017 Member of ICOMOS and member of the Executive Board of ICOMOS 2018-2023 2018 Member of the LUCIDO-BiH group. 2021 Member of ArtCakula-Croatia. Since 2000 she has participated in several group exhibitions and art workshops and received several awards and diplomas. Since 2010 she has been actively participating in numerous art colonies and symposium both in the country and abroad; Serbia, BiH, Slovenia, Egypt, Sweden, Poland, Korea, India and others. 2009 The first solo exhibition till today, several have been realized with presentations abroad. As a member of DLUM together with her colleagues she participates in almost all planned exhibitions and projects of the association. Received several prestigious awards at DLUM. 2010-2016 Actively involved in the planned projects in the field of conservation and restoration led by the National Conservation Center NCC-Skopje. 2012-2013 Worked as a teacher (replacement) in the elementary school "Braka Miladinovci" and in several high schools in Kumanovo. 2014 To this day, she works on church buildings in the Kumanovo-Osogovo Diocese. 2017-2019 she is an art selector at the art colony "Karpino" Kumanovo. She lives and works in Kumanovo as a conservator and restorer in the Kumanovo-Osogovo Diocese in the part for protection of the cultural heritage.

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