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Alejandro Vega Gaona

My name is Alejandro Vega Gaona, my work is the way that connects the senses with color and abstraction, I have created works from painting through all media, photography and design, to my credit I have more than three thousand works together. I was born in Mexico City in 1972. He studied at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, he developed as a painter, image creator, photographer and writer. Winner of the 2015 and 2016 Paloma de la Paz Snyder Award for digital design. Winner at Casa Sede Mundial for drawing in September, 2021, second place in the Second International Biennale of Video Art "Restless Waiting" 2021, second place at the 1st International Applied Arts Biennale “Neo-Inspiring Moments” and second place in 3rd International Watercolor Biennale “Injustice Screams" 2022 of the International Association of Visual, Performing and Others Arts. Member of "International Professionals Art Association, VIPAA, New York, USA since March, 2022. Member of " Fantapia International Art Group", FIAG, Seul,South Korea since June, 2022. Special Award in Busan International Art Festival, South Korea 2022. I wrote in Dkda magazine in 2016. My best known book is "Tan verde y tan tierno..... cómo los chicharos", collaborate in the World Anthology "We want Peace and not war" in 2022 and I still create and write for some magazines.

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