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Dharshana Bajaj

Dharshana Bajaj’s paintings celebrate the “human–nature” interconnection. Inspired by the ancient Indian Advaitha philosophy, and her own spiritual practices such as meditation and journaling, Dharshana aims to depict the “Oneness” of all that exists in her art. Deeply concerned about the climate change crisis, she wishes to raise awareness in the viewer on the importance of “reconnecting” with and bonding with nature, the way our ancestors did for thousands of years before. Dharshana believes that when each of us wakes up to the truth that we are not “apart” from Nature, but “a part” of it, we will start making better choices collectively. This is also the premise of her recently published book Gaia’s Own: Every Child’s Guide To Living In Harmony With Nature. As in her art, in this book too readers will find an amalgamation of spirituality, science, and art. Dharshana is also a book editor.

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