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Joan Josep Barcelo

Joan Josep Barceló i Bauçà (Palma de Mallorca - Spain, 1953). He studied literature and science at the University of Barcelona, the Balearic Islands, Madrid and London. Throughout his career he has explored various fields of culture, including literature, thought and the arts. As a plastic and visual artist, his pictorial and sculptural works show a connection between natural and synthetic materials, with the creation of pieces framed in contemporary art. He develops a style characterized by surrealism and abstraction, with references to a dreamy and mythical, spiritual and carnal world, searching a revolutionary concept that delves into the philosophical and scientific criteria, being wood, stone, earth and acrylics and inks the applied materials. His art connects with visual art and performance, showing new concepts and styles of understanding literature and art, offering us to enter a world that unites the social and scientific sciences in a single verbal and artistic body. He has exhibited in several individual and collective exhibitions in several countries. We are facing a multifaceted artist-poet who understands the world around him as an indivisible whole that must be a guide for the man of today to enter the future.

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